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CCIC Industry Services and our Technical experts will provide timely and reliable one-stop solutions to help project owner, contractor, or manufacturer make your project smooth completion.

Whether your construction industry onshore or offshore, it is one of the major contributors to global economy. Each major construction project bring together a wide range of participation, including design, manufacturing and construction. Each project requires highest level of expertise and experienced personnel to supervise the entire process to ensure that all quality, safety, cost and time related objectives are satisfied from start to finish.

A large construction project is designed by multiple parties, and this designs need to be verified to confirm compliance with project requirements. Every design and construction should compliance with many local regulations and industry requirement. To effectively manage these projects, project owners need professionals to assist with design assessment and verification, planning, procurement, health and safety assurance, quality assurance, on-site inspections, and related certifications.

CCIC Industry Services | supervision, inspection and commissioning

CCIC Industry Services List:

  • Design evaluation and verification of construction projects
  • Consulting and HR services
  • Supplier inspection and reminder service
  • Conduct risk testing on factory integrity management
  • Tank inspection and certification
  • Pipeline integrity management system
  • Pressure vessel inspection and certification
  • Pre-shipment and post-shipment inspection
  • Factory inspection
  • During Production Inspection
  • Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme
  • Quality Management for Automotive Industry
  • Industry Functional Safety Training
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Innovation and business strategy
  • Product design and engineering
  • Testing capabilities and facilities
  • Performance assessment
  • Materials and product development and process innovation
  • Material selection and qualification
  • Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA)

CCIC laboratory Testing Service:

  • Non-destructive testing service
  • Physical and destructive testing
  • Engineering failure analysis
  • Industry Aerospace Testing
  • Container Testing Service
  • Metal and Mining Test
  • Electrical and Electronics Test
  • Functional Safety
  • Welding Testing Services
  • Engine Dynamometer Testing
  • Wind Turbine Blade Testing
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