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In order to promote the transformation of new business results, and quickly transform new business projects and their operation models into large-scale business, on September 25, 2019 CCIC new business operation model promotion seminar and experience exchange meeting was held in Ningbo. Vice President Li Jie attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Vice President […]

As a Globe Valve Inspection Company in China, CCIC provides Inspection, Certification and Testing services in according with China GB, JB, American ANSI, API, AWWA, German DIN, British BS, Japanese JIS, Russian GOST, French NF and other standards. The valve is a control component in the fluid delivery system, with functions such as cut-off, regulation, […]

CCIC Chinese Consumable Inspection conduct inspection, identification and testing of the entire process from procurement of raw materials, production to final products for light industrial products, toys, electrical and electronic products, textiles and garments. Based on the needs of our customers, we provide professional, one-stop services for every stage and necessary parts of daily consumer […]

Chinese Industry Equipment Inspection is to provide professional inspection and testing services for machinery, electromechanical, building materials and other products in industrial field. Industrial product inspection services penetrate into all aspects of supply chain, and sampling process is based on statistical principles and customer requirements. Sampling can involve raw materials, accessories, semi-finished products and final […]

Pipeline inspection and integrity services provide valuable information about your project, help extend pipeline life, save on expensive repairs, minimize safety risks, and ensure regulatory compliance. CCIC helps ensure that all manufactured pipelines meet your requirements and meets recognized standards. We have a global network of experienced inspectors ready to conduct independent assessments of your […]

Power HV capacitor inspection, 100uf 10KV, 10mf 100KV, 0.6uf 20KV and etc. The performance of high voltage capacitors meets the capacitor standards of most countries. It has the characteristics of low loss and light weight, but in some thunderstorms, thunder or other accidents will cause damage to the high-voltage capacitors, resulting in improper use. The […]

CCIC inspector services Xi’an ABB Capacitor inspection for High voltage shunt capacitor, series capacitor, AC capacitor, collective capacitor There are two types of power capacitors that are often mentioned in our lives: series capacitors and shunt capacitors. This is an important device in the power system. In general, the biggest role is to improve the […]

CCIC High Voltage capacitors inspection, our services protective devices should operate safety in all circumstances. The high voltage capacitor is mainly composed of an outlet ceramic sleeve, a capacitor component group and a casing. The outer casing is sealed and welded by a thin steel plate, and the outlet porcelain sleeve is welded to the […]

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