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In order to promote the transformation of new business results, and quickly transform new business projects and their operation models into large-scale business, on September 25, 2019 CCIC new business operation model promotion seminar and experience exchange meeting was held in Ningbo. Vice President Li Jie attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Vice President Li Jie emphasized in his speech: First, innovation is an important force driving business development. Through years of cultivation, CCIC’s innovative atmosphere has been greatly activated, forming a good innovation ecosystem and creating a dynamic innovation system. Second, innovation plays a leading role in business development. Through new business development support and independent innovation of various units, more and more new businesses have made breakthroughs. It includes not only AI, 5G, biotechnology, agricultural digital industry, etc. supported by the state, but also technology upgrades in the traditional field, leading the high-quality development of CCIC business. Third, the promotion of innovation requires active participation. Strengthen the development and replication of new business by grasping the overall planning, grasping the key, grasping the experience, and grasping the propaganda. All companies should actively rely on local resource advantages and business foundations, combine product lines and regional construction, introduce and support key projects, enhance industry competitiveness and market leading power, and expand new development space.

At the meeting, we focused on the six key business areas of agriculture, new energy, food, safety, medical care and fire protection, from inspection companies, testing companies, traceability companies and representatives of 8 units in Liaoning, Shandong, Guangxi, Xinjiang and Yunnan. Introduced the comprehensive e-commerce rural demonstration project to implement the national policy, the agricultural quality standardization system around the national agricultural sector strategic layout and the modern agricultural Internet of Things system, and the fire protection technical services and medical equipment quality that seized the policy adjustment and market opening opportunities. The control center project, the charging pile inspection service for the development of new energy industry, the risk control technology service project for national food safety, and the model of enriching the group’s security field and qualification system by acquiring Shandong Gongxin Anke. These projects are to grasp the national strategy, industry policy, make a difference in the field of consumption upgrade services, grasp the customer needs and market demand, and cultivate new service products in the market. At the meeting, the management requirements for the application, development and results promotion of the Group’s new business support projects were also discussed.

This is the tenth new business promotion exchange meeting held by CCIC. Under the joint efforts of CCIC companies, through the promotion platform established by the annual business exchange meeting, the companies exchanged and shared more new business, new products, new models, continuously enriched the Group’s product service categories, and promoted business innovation and product structure optimization. upgrade. Companies must organize internal training and study the selection of 1-2 projects to land locally.

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