CCIC Japan passed the on-site audit of Malaysia SIRIM

  CCIC Japan successfully passed the on-site audit of pre-shipment inspection of Malaysian waste to Malaysia by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd.This is after the success of CICC North America passed the SIRIM audit in March this year, the regular audit and affirmation of CCIC practitioners again.

  The on-site audit covers the whole inspection category of waste paper and scrap metal raw materials, SIRIM auditor tracked the whole process of on-site inspection and asked questions randomly, and carried out a comprehensive and detailed audit on the pre-shipment inspection capability and implementation of the standard terms and conditions of the inspection process, quality control and management of inspection personnel. Japan’s inspectors in strict accordance with the relevant standards and renewable energy product line operating procedures to complete the inspection work, accurately answer the auditor’s questions, recognized and appreciated.

  During the audit, both sides also had a meeting, the person in charge of the Japanese company introduced the development of the Japanese company in detail, and the person in charge of the SIRIM auditor introduced the responsibilities and areas of work of SIRIM in the Malaysian government departments. Both sides agreed that this audit is not only another strong proof of CCIC’s ability to inspect waste materials exported to Malaysia, but also another good opportunity for CCIC and SIRIM to have in-depth understanding and communication, and will further explore the possibility of cooperation in the field of inspection and certification in the future.

  Renewable resources product line operation center for Malaysia throughout the coordination of the audit, for the smooth progress of the audit and full communication between the two sides to provide a key guarantee. The next step, the renewable resources product line will continue to improve the quality of inspection work, while promoting the deepening of cooperation with SIRIM, for international trade, especially renewable resources trade to make greater contributions.

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