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CCIC Quality system audit ISO 17020
CCIC Quality system audit ISO 17020

On October 15-16, CCIC implemented an internal audit of the quality management system in 2019. Li Jie, vice president of CCIC, attended the first meeting and delivered a speech.

Li Jie affirmed the achievements in the revision and trial operation of the CCIC quality management system. He pointed out that with the comprehensive construction of the Group’s compliance system, joining the TIC Council has been included in the Group’s key work in 2019-2020. CCIC’s quality management system (ISO 9001) certification is one of the necessary conditions. The review is a preview of the external review. He asked CCIC departments to attach great importance to it and put forward requirements for this internal audit.

During the on-site audit process, each internal audit team starts with the responsibilities of the audited department, uses the process method, conducts the duties of the department and post, conducts interviews, observes the process and activities, and examines documents, collects audit evidence, and conducts audits. Guidelines that form an audit findings. While collecting evidence of compliance with the records, the internal audit teams actively found problems, dared to ask questions, and truthfully recorded the problems found in the internal audit, frankly communicated, and truthfully reported.

The final meeting made a summary report on the overall situation of this internal audit. The conclusion of the audit is that the new CCIC system complies with the requirements of GB/T19001-2016, and the operation is basically effective. The non-conformities, observations and suggestions, and work highlights found during the on-site audit are explained. The meeting asked all departments to seriously find out the problems found in the audit, and timely rectify and do the same.

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