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The new coronavirus not only tests the immunity of everyone, but also the immunity of enterprises to survive and develop.At present, it is a good time for corporate talents to seize the time to collectively recharge and improve themselves.
The prevention and control of the epidemic situation is a protracted battle, and the production and operation of enterprises cannot be stopped. For small and medium-sized enterprises, this year will be a difficult year.How to use this special period to help employees improve their quality capabilities, guide employees to better enter the work state, and make adequate preparations for the upcoming return to work, the CCIC Shaanxi training team urgently planned to open online training courses for Enterprise assistance to help enterprises improve their learning and cohesion.
From February 5th to 15th, the live training courses taught by Teacher Chen Haowei, Teacher Du Yachen,Teacher Wang Hao, and Teacher Zhao Chongyang were successfully launched online, with more than 20 people participating for several days.
Customized courses, online live broadcasts, and free sharing. CCIC Shaanxi helped charities in the snow to help stop the epidemic and return to work.

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