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坦桑尼亚从2012年2月1日起将实施产品符合性认证COC,英文名称:Certificate of Conformity, 属于装船前检验。所有在坦桑尼亚管制目录列表的产品都需要在发货前实施和执行符合性评估程序(PVOC),申请COC,否则无法在目的港清关.


  PVoC认证服务能够有效促进贸易和提高产品质量。 作为CCIC集团的本土公司,CCIC陕西为有出口坦桑尼亚需求的供应商、工厂、进口商或出口商双方提供有效、全面、合适的PVoC审核和认证解决方案,并签发发COC证书。

    Tanzania implemented product conformity certification COC(Certificate of Conformity) from February 1, 2012 . This certfiacation belongs to the pre-shipment inspection.All products in the Tanzanian control list need to implement and execute the conformity assessment procedure (PVOC) and apply for COC before shipment, otherwise they cannot be cleared at the port of destination.

    CCIC Group is authorized by Tanzania National Bureau of Standards (TBS) to implement Pre-Shipment Verification of Conformity (PVoC) and Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issuance.

    PVoC certification services can   improve product quality and promote trade effectively . As the local company of CCIC group in China, CCIC Shaanxi provides the PVoC audit,certification solutions and issues COC certificates for both suppliers, factories, importers or exporters with export needs to Tanzania effective, comprehensive and suitable. 


The Process Of Tanzania COC Certification:

途径A -测试、验货认证








途径B -产品登记、验货认证

是由PVoC国家办公室进行产品登记,为质量合理和稳定的产品提供的一种快速认证程序。 对频繁出口同类货物的供应商,此途径尤其值得推荐。   


a.产品登记, 出口商提交产品登记申请表至PVoC国家办公室,  PVoC国家办公室审核登记申请资料   

b.登记产品的认证程序, 提交认证申请表(RFC) ,PVoC国家办公室委派指定检验员执行现场检验

Route A – Testing, Inspection and Certification

The products need to be tested and inspected on site at the same time to confirm that the products meet the relevant standards, critical requirements or manufacturer’s specifications. This certification route is applicable to all products exported by traders or manufacturers, as well as to all trading parties.

Route A certification procedures are listed below.

a. The exporter submits an application form for certification (RFC)

b. PVoC national office review the certification application form / certification documents   

c. PVoC National Office assigns a designated inspector to perform on-site inspection   

d. Implementation of large sample testing  

e. PVoC National Office issues Certificate of Final Conformity (CoC)

Route B – Product Registration, Goods Inspection and Certification

It is an expedited certification procedure for products of reasonable and consistent quality through product registration by the PVoC National Office. This route is particularly recommended for suppliers who frequently export similar goods.   

The procedure of product registration and certification under route B is as follows.

a. Product registration, the exporter submits the product registration application form to the PVoC national office, the PVoC national office reviews the registration application information   

b. Registration of product certification procedures, submit the application form for certification (RFC), PVoC national office appointed to perform on-site inspection inspectors


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