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Pre-shipment inspection, referred as PSI, originated from a non-tariff trade barrier developed in the early 1960s. Usually, the relevant departments of importing government, such as Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Foreign Trade jointly issue decrees. Chinese Goods Pre-Shipment Inspection implement mandatory pre-shipment inspections to prevent illegal activities such as arbitrage and tax avoidance.

Importing government designate one or several multinational notary banks to impose mandatory pre-shipment inspections on their imported goods. Finally, the buyer’s cleaning report issued by the designated international notary bank is one of the valid vouchers for bank payment, customs clearance and taxation.

Chinese Goods Pre-Shipment Inspection

For smooth export of China’s export commodities in countries with such inspection requirements, carry out pre-shipment inspection of goods exported to China from abroad and issue a cleaning report.

With the development of international trade, commercial pre-shipment inspections have been produced for buyers to confirm the quality, packaging, quantity and specifications of the products they purchase before shipment.

Pre-shipment inspection is a part of quality control method for checking the quality of goods, it is a vital part of supply chain management. It occurs when at least 80% of the products are manufactured. In which process a sample of products is selected and a series of tests are performed to control functions, weight, measurements, packaging and barcodes.

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CCIC’s Certificate for Products Pre-Shipment Inspection

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How CCIC Pre-Shipment Inspection?

CCIC provided pre-shipment inspection services since for more than 30 years. Our expertise mutually with hundreds of customizable checklists for all product categories makes for flexible and consistent quality control. Qualified CCIC inspectors control your products according to your specifications and inspection standards ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1)

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