Deepening the internationalization business :Won the bidding of Bangladesh inspection project

From July 2017 to August 2018, CCIC Singapore actively tracked, prepared, applied for and participated in the bidding on the basis of conducting extensive market research, collecting a large amount of technical and competitor information, organizing a team of experts to interpret the bid, analyzing its own strengths and weaknesses and those of its competitors.

  In August 2018, Singapore company stood out from six preliminary inspection organizations, beat strong rivals, successfully won the bidding for the Bangladesh inspection project, and signed an agreement with the Directorate General of Bangladesh Railways to become the sole global inspection service provider for this government department.

  Under the inspection service agreement, the inspection involves almost all products procured and imported by the Directorate General of Railways of Bangladesh, including railroad rolling stock (locomotives, coaches, baggage cars, wagons, refrigerated cars, rail-cars, rescue cranes, etc.), machinery, equipment, electromechanical components, steel, chemical fats and oils, etc.

  The project cycle is long, the inspection process involves all aspects of production, from the initial production of raw materials, key components of the incoming quality control to the production process of the factory inspection, inspection, the first / sample vehicle acceptance, delivery inspection, and then to the acceptance stage of the factory inspection, performance testing and pre-shipment inspection supervision, inspection covers the structure, welding, painting, non-destructive testing, functional testing, size, appearance, Packaging, labeling and so on, covering the whole process of product production and logistics.

  Not only do the responsible project personnel need to be familiar with quality management, technical specifications and standards, but they also need to keep track of the progress of the project and understand the production process and the latest progress of the suppliers. CCIC Singapore has formulated detailed inspection procedures for different products and projects, and has conducted online and on-site training for inspectors for many times to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

  During the project, CCIC Shaanxi participated in the on-site inspection and supervision of the manufacturing business for many times. In order to fully meet customer requirements and ensure the quality of inspection work, at the beginning of the project, our inspectors called every day to ask about the business process, hoping to complete the on-site inspection work as soon as possible independently, and to ensure that the inspection project is delivered on time.

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