India Compliance & Certification

Memorandum of Agreement with Digial Upgrade Solutions (India)

CCIC Shaanxi established a partnership with Digital Upgrade Solutions (India) and is now providing compliance and certification services for domestic suppliers and factories with certification needs for products exported to India.

Certification service covers the following:


  • WPC

  • BEE

  • TEC

BIS-CRS Certificate

About BIS

BIS Licence is provided by the “Bureau of Indian Standards” (BIS), a National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 1986.

BIS Licence promotes imports and domestic manufacturers by guiding them on a regular basis with the correct specifications of the products to harmonize the flow and quality through certification and testing.

What is BIS-CRS Certificate?

Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) is a scheme operated by BIS for electronics and IT products. 

Under the CRS scheme, BIS registration is required for electronics and IT products. BIS registration is compulsory if you are an electronics and IT product manufacturer.

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WPC Certificate

About WPC

WPC is divided into major sections like Licensing and Regulation (LR), New Technology Group (NTG) and Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA)

For IT and electronic devices that satisfy the needs of users of wireless technology, the WPC office issues WPC (ETA) licenses. Only Bluetooth and wireless IT products that operate on unlicensed frequency bands and adhere to human safety standards are permitted for sale in India.

The WPC certificate/ETA certificate’s compliance and regulatory standards must be met by all producers, importers, traders, and suppliers. 

What is WPC Certificate?

A Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC India) equipment type approval certificate (ETA certificate) issued by the Indian government’s Ministry of Communications is required for products with radio and/or wireless features that are imported or manufactured and marketed in India. This includes items equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, tiny digital radios (Zigbee), radio frequency identification (RFID), and many other technologies.

Anyone who wishes to operate a wireless device business in India must have a WPC accreditation. The Wireless Planning & Coordination wing, India, requires that manufacturers and importers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled equipment obtain a WPC license (ETA certificate).

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BEE Certificate

About BEE

In accordance with the provisions of the Energy Conservative Act, 2001 – BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY – The Government of India implemented the creative energy conservation project on March 1. (BEE). BEE is a key player in coordinating with designated customers, designated agencies, and other organizations while carrying out its responsibilities under the Energy Conservation Act. It also recognizes, identifies, and makes use of existing resources and infrastructure. The Energy Conservation Act regulates and promotes energy conservation.

What Is BEE Certificate?

Bureau of Energy Efficiency, or BEE, is a government organization that reports to the Ministry of Power. This organization creates a campaign to persuade everyone to use energy wisely and promote energy conservation.

Setting guidelines and labels for star ratings for various appliances is another crucial duty of BEE. When a manufacturer develops a new model and wants to certify it, they test it in accordance with BEE’s guidelines and then submit an application for star certification using the test results. Based on the findings of the testing, BEE rates appliances in terms of stars.

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TEC Certificate

About TEC

The Indian government established the TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING CENTRE in 1991 to develop standards for the telecommunications industry and to guarantee a top-notch network and smooth connectivity between different networks in order to preserve the progress of the telecom sector.

What Is TEC Certificate?

Telecommunication Engineering Center is referred to as TEC. TEC supports the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of the Government of India in the creation and application of various standards and guidelines for the safe and secure application of developing technologies in telecommunications. For quality control measures of telecom equipment, TEC had published requirements. The three different categories of specifications are generic requirements (GRs), interface requirements (IRs), and service requirements (SR).

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