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CCIC got Offshore Platform Supervision contract in Tianjing, Shanghai

Offshore Platform Supervision services from planning, designing, and constructing Fixed Offshore Platforms, to transportation & installation.

A fixed platform is a type of offshore platform used for the production of oil or gas. These platforms built on concrete and/or steel legs anchored directly onto the seabed, supporting a deck with space for drilling rigs, production facilities and crew quarters.

We offer a range of specialist expertise in engineering services , to meet the challenges of engineering, designing, installation and commissioning of fixed offshore platforms from concept. Through Detailed Design and into EPCIC consisting of both process and minimum facilities topsides and jackets.

Certification is normally provided to cover the issues and consequently cope with relevant risks related to the different realization phases of an offshore project: design of structures and all components essential to the system’s integrity and safety; fabrication at onshore yard; transportation and installation at the offshore site.

Finally, Offshore Platform Supervision covers the project after its preparation and throughout all stages of construction and operation: from manufacture in the factory to transportation to the offshore site, up to marine installation operations and operating lifespan.

CCIC provides Offshore Platform Supervision for 30 Years: our experienced surveyors know the rules and the operating environment and verify that offshore platform design, topside critical components and equipment meet established standards.

For that purpose, we are well familiar to internationally recognized standards and regulations such as API or ISO, used as reference depending on the type of item under verification.

Types of Offshore production Facilities

  • Fixed Platform (FP)
  • Compliant Tower (CT)
  • Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
  • Mini-Tension Leg Platform (Mini-TLP)
  • SPAR Platform (SPAR)
  • Floating Production System (FPS)
  • Subsea System (SS)
  • Floating Production, Storage & Offloading System (FPSO)

We have highly experienced for Offshore Platform Supervision:

  • Process and rotating equipment
  • Oil and gas dehydration
  • Pipelines
  • Debottlenecking studies
  • Structural assessment
  • Material fabrication support
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Fabrication at onshore yard
  • Manufacture in the factory
  • Marine installation operations and operating lifespan.
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