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CCIC Storage Facilities Inspection for petro tank, LNG, sphere tank

In order to improve Storage Facilities Inspection ability, oil and gas pipelines accidents prevention, CCIC focuses new technology to research emergency technology and management level, we pay attention on storage and transportation facilities inspection and oil and gas transmission pipeline safety technology. By analysis the Storage Facilities damage and accident treatment system, detection, damage defects, risk assessment, and multiply Storage Facilities Inspection to provide security for the oil and gas.

As major components of downstream oil and gas workflows, import, export, and storage terminals require thoughtful planning, design, and construction. These terminals act as way points for trucks, trains, boats, and pipelines to keep the flow of crude oil and petrochemicals moving, not only across cities and states but also to other countries. Because these terminals often need to be located along a coast or near other necessary facilities, safety and environmental concerns must be addressed each step of the way — from siting to decommissioning.

CCIC has served the for several years and has participated in a wide variety inspection service of Storage Facilities used in oil & gas filed.
As the authorized inspection agency, Our inspection services focus on quality surveillance in  fabrication ,installation, commission phase of oil & gas filed Storage Facilities equipment such as Crude oil storage tank  and LNG storage tanks and other storage facilities.
Our professional inspection engineers who are familiar with related code, standards and regulations as and related standards and owned professional certificate include  ASNT, CWI/IWE, NACE, API. We can provide reliable inspection services for customers in oil & gas filed Storage Facilities.

Highly experienced engineers for Storage Facilities Inspection:

  • Crude oil storage tank
  • LPG storage tanks
  • Storage Tank (LNG )
  • Refueling Tank(LNG )
  • Marine Fuel Tank(LNG )
  • Cone roof tanks
  • Umbrella roof tanks
  • Dome roof tanks
  • Open top tanks
  • Internal floating roofs
  • Double wall tanks
  • Sloped/shovel bottom tanks
  • External floating roofs tanks

Best Practice Recommendations:

  • 3D modeling of tank floor and shell
  • Assessment of water and sludge inside containers
  • Assessment of subsoil corrosion
  • Automated tank floor measurement
  • Environmental impact studies and risk analysis
  • External thickness measurements and calculation reviews
  • Hydrotest
  • Identification plate stamping and adjustment
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Project management and construction supervision
  • Tank floor volume measurement
  • Tracing of system leaks and assessment of material strength
  • Ultrasonic density tests
  • Welding procedures and qualification to international standards
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