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CCIC provide Wind Turbine inspections and blade, and cylinder for wind farm
Inspecting the condition of wind turbines is vital at various stages of the project life cycle. It allows all interested parties to reassure themselves of the quality of the turbine’s fabrication, maintenance and performance. In some countries, regular inspections are a legal requirement; and many insurance companies insist on them when issuing a policy.

Wind Turbine inspections help to ensure quality, component safety and operational reliability. We help wind energy producers and manufacturers reduce wind turbine failure and down-times. Our wind turbine inspection services cover a wide range of components and materials used for manufacturing wind turbines, and include vendor surveillance, installation and crucial operational support for wind turbine installations.

We have highly experienced engineers for the inspection of:

Our Wind Turbine inspections contains the following capability of wind turbine: 1.5 MW, 2 MW, 2.5 MW, 3 MW, 3.6 MW and 5 MW

Our inspection activities track:

  • Xinjiang Goldwind Sci & Tech Co.,Ltd.
  • China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited
  • Envision Energy Limited
  • Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd.,
  • Sinovel Wind Group Co., Ltd

Inspections can be carried out at any point during the fabrication, commissioning and operation of the equipment.

Typical milestones requiring inspections include:

  • Manufacturing of components
  • Storage and transport of equipment
  • Assembly of assets
  • Commissioning the project
  • Monitoring project milestones that trigger financial rewards to stakeholders
  • Assessing asset performance and condition during operation
  • Planning and evaluating maintenance
  • Investigating damage
  • End of warranty
  • Extending the lifetime of a wind farm

World Class Quality service for Wind Turbine Inspection include:

  • Vendor inspection, expediting, auditing and assessment
  • On-site field inspection (onshore and offshore)
  • Project management and coordination
  • Equipment loading supervision
  • Mechanical, E & I, coating, site and civil inspection
  • Dimensional control
  • Additional inspection expertise and capabilities
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