Metrology service of China Certification&Inspection Group: Building engineer capacity system


In order to ensure the high-quality of the Metrology service, China Certification & Inspection Group is committed to improving the capability of the engineer team and continuously increasing the proportion of registered metrologists. The Metrology service team has recently added more than 120 registered metrologists, with 48 first-class registered metrologists and 77 second-class registered metrologists.

China Certification & Inspection Group have been offering free online pre-test training to employees for two consecutive years. This year, in order to strengthen the staff’s theoretical basis and help them pass the Certified Metrologist examination, China Certification & Inspection Group invited the famous specialist engaged in many years of measurement technology research and standards development to carry out lectures.

At present, China Certification & Inspection Group have developed theoretical and practical training courses jointly with many parties to help build a capacity framework in line with the characteristics of the China Certification & Inspection Group’s metrological service.


Source: Metrology Traceability Company of CCIC (China Certification & Inspection Group)

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