Mr. Xu met with Stan Zurkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of DEKRA Group

On October 9, Mr. Xu Zengde, the Chairman of CICC, met with Mr. Stan Zurkiewicz, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of DEKRA, Mr. Zhou Xuan, the Director of Planning and Development of DEKRA.

Mr. Xu Zengde welcomed the visit of Stan Zurkiewicz and his team. He pointed out that CICC, as the only comprehensive quality service organization in the central enterprises with “inspection, certification, testing, standards and metrology” as its main business, plays an important role in national import and export trade, and has made positive contributions to the quality improvement of international trade. CCIC and DEKRA have always maintained a good cooperative relationship, along with the new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, TIC industry to accelerate the transformation and development of digitalization and intelligence, I hope that the two sides can grasp the new opportunities, focusing on new energy, green and low-carbon aspects, to strengthen communication and exchanges, learn from the useful experience, so as to achieve the advantages of complementarity, deepen the existing business cooperation based on expanding new areas of cooperation, to achieve win-win situation. We hope that the two sides can grasp the new opportunities and focus on new energy, green energy and low-carbon.

Stan Zurkiewicz reviewed the history of cooperation between the two companies and expressed his confidence in the future cooperation between the two companies. Zurkiewicz emphasized that this visit has greatly deepened DEKRA’s understanding and expectation of the Chinese market, and strengthened DEKRA’s determination to deepen cooperation with CICC and expand the market.

The two companies indicated that they will utilize their respective advantages to explore the establishment of a new mode of cooperation in terms of business chain, business characteristics and region, and jointly strengthen the research on new technologies, standards and equipment to effectively promote the project cooperation to achieve practical results.

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