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The new coronavirus not only tests the immunity of everyone, but also the immunity of enterprises to survive and develop.At present, it is a good time for corporate talents to seize the time to collectively recharge and improve themselves. The prevention and control of the epidemic situation is a protracted battle, and the production and […]

Dear customers and partners: Happy New Year! The new coronavirus epidemic affects each of us. Although the epidemic has affected our social life and economic development in all aspects, our governments at all levels have quickly formulated various preventive measures to minimize the spread of the epidemic. CCIC Shaanxi will actively respond to the national […]

On October 15-16, CCIC implemented an internal audit of the quality management system in 2019. Li Jie, vice president of CCIC, attended the first meeting and delivered a speech. Li Jie affirmed the achievements in the revision and trial operation of the CCIC quality management system. He pointed out that with the comprehensive construction of […]

On October 19th, Tian Shihong, deputy director of the State Administration of Markets and director of the National Standards Commission, went to the Shanghai Branch of the China Quality Certification Center for investigation. Liu Weijun, Director of the Certification and Supervision Department of the State Administration of Markets, Jia Guodong, Director of the Special Equipment […]

On October 16, CCIC Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Zengde, Vice President and General Manager of Inspection Company Kong Xiangyue met with Mr. Frank Piedelievre, Chairman of the Board of Cotecna Group, and Mr. Romain PETIT, Chief Operating Officer of Cotecna Group, in Shanghai.

In accordance with the requirements of the CCIC Comprehensive Compliance System Construction Work Plan, under the careful organization of the Group Compliance System Construction Project Leading Group, the Compliance Department will take the lead and the departments will actively cooperate to successfully complete compliance from late September to early October. Identify and fill in the […]

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