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  依据《肯尼亚标准法令》第496章(Standards Act Cap 496,laws of Kenya)和2005年7月发布 的《第78号进口产品质量法令》(Quality Imports Order No.78),为确保进口产品的质量,为肯尼亚 消费者提供安全、健康、环境等方面的保护,肯尼亚标准局(KEBS)于2005年9月29日开始实施出口 前标准符合性验证计划(PVoC)。

  CCIC集团获得肯尼亚标准局(KEBS)授权,实施出口 前标准符合性验证(PVoC)和合格证书(CoC)的签发。

  PVoC认证服务能够有效促进贸易和提高产品质量。 作为CCIC集团的本土公司,CCIC陕西为有出口肯尼亚需求的供应商、工厂、进口商或出口商双方提供有效、全面、合适的PVoC审核和认证解决方案,并签发发COC证书。

  CCIC Group has recently been officially authorized by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to implement the Pre-shippment Verification Of Conformity (PVoC) and the issue of Certificates of Conformity (CoC).

  As a local company of CCIC Group, CCIC Shaanxi provides effective, comprehensive and suitable PVoC audit and certification solutions to suppliers and factories in China’s authorized regions with export needs to Kenya, issuing PVoC certificates for Kenya. The PVoC certification service will also effectively facilitate trade and product quality improvement.

About PVoC Certificate

Purpose of the PVoC Program

  • The purpose of PVoC is to guarantee that products comply with the relevant Kenyan Technical Regulations and Mandatory Standards or approved specifications, the exporting countries apply the PVOC Program, which is a conformity assessment program.
  • The Kenyan Technical Regulations and Mandatory Standards or authorized specifications are ensured by the PVOC Program, which is a conformity assessment program used to test items in the relevant exporting countries.

How the PVoC program is operated world wide

  • On behalf of KEBS, licensed third party inspection organizations run the program.
  • Based on proximity and trade quantities, there are 19 areas in the world. In order to increase efficiency, the program also allows for several partners in the majority of the locations.
  • Kenyan standards or authorized specifications serve as the foundation for certification.

Terms & Definition

  • PVOC – Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards
  • COC – Certificate of Conformity
  • COI – Certificate of Inspection
  • COR- Certificate of Roadworthiness for Motor Vehicles
  • NCR- Non conformity Report 
  • RFC- Request for Certification 
  • IDF- Import Declaration Form 
  • QMS- Quality Management System 
  • PVOC Partners – KEBS – Appointed Inspection and Certification Companies.
  • PPB- Pharmacy and Poisons Board 
  • PCPB- Pest Control Products Board 
  • CA- Communications Authority of Kenya 
  • KCAA- Kenya Civil Aviation Authority 
  • DVS- Department of Veterinary Services
  • KEPHIS- Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service

Certification Types (Routes)

PVoC certification falls into 2 major types (routes), which are Route A and B.

Each type (route) applies with its corresponding certification requirements and product approval conditions

Route A
Product Inspection & Testing

The following procedure is applicable:

1.Submit application materials and test reports;

2. Review the application information and test reports;

3. Arrange on-site inspection;

4. Inspectors submit inspection reports and field records;

5. Prepare the first draft of COC

6. Customer check the draft COC;

7. Issue COC certificate;

* Each batch inspection must provide a test report)

Route B
Product Registration

The following procedure is applicable:

1. Submit application information;

2. Sampling on site and lab testing;

3. Review the test report;

4. Apply for product registration certificate;

5. Issue the product registration certificate;

6. Prepare the first draft of COC

7. Customer check COC draft;

8. Issue COC certificate;

* The first time for the product registration certificate must be on-site inspection, later to provide product registration certificate to apply for COC, product registration certificate is valid for 1 year, 1 registration certificate can only show 1 product, multiple models)

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