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CSN Engineering service contain Human Resource Dispatch, and Technical Inspection.

Engineering Construction Quality Service refers to the systematic management activities carried out by applying a whole set of quality management system, means and methods to ensure and improve project quality. Many countries in the world have a set of strict supervision and inspection methods for engineering quality.

Project quality is good with bad, it is a fundamental problem. Project construction, investment is big, build and use period is long, only accord with quality standard, ability puts into production and consign use, produce investment benefit, union is professional technology, management and mathematical statistic, satisfy a society to need. 

When a project is conceived, we can help make the plans a reality by ensuring processes run efficiently, construction sites are safe and reliable materials are used. Technical Supervision Service will help you.

CCIC’s Engineering Construction Quality Service generally for customer’s procurment projects, such as steel structure, oil and gas, petrochemcal, pipe-line, power transmission and transformation, wind power and solar energy.

CCIC undertake quality inspection and evaluation of the owner’s project as a third party. Evaluation the quality of construction project according to national and local standards. And perform Engineering Construction Quality Service to check and evaluate project construction procedure, project quality control procedure and implementation.

The working process according to drawings provided by customer, the whole process of on-site inspection and carry out inspections while equipment product. Including: on-site supervision, during manufacturing process, QA/QC, progress promotion service and shipment inspection, payment confirmation and signing and confirming the supplier’s invoice beform shipment.

Service in the Construction Engineering:

  • Human Resource Dispatch
  • Technical Supervision Service
  • Technical Training & Assessment
  • Shop inspections during the construction phase
  • Verification of welding files and material used for manufacturing
  • Field inspectors and coordinators
  • Document Management
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