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CCIC Expediting service in your manufacturer site

Manufacturer and supply chain processes become more complex and competitive, Expediting Services reduce challenging procurement, management and coordination of projects.

By checking with manufacturers and evaluating manufacturing plans and capacity, we can add value to your project.

With numerous suppliers involved in your supply chain, keeping your project on schedule is a challenge. Delayed delivery of materials, products or equipment interfere your project from being completed on time and on budget. That’s why Expediting Service is a fundamental element of any project.

Our experienced professionals offer you the experience, expertise, knowledge and diplomacy necessary to ensure that your project remains on schedule. Our own Internal Expediting and Reporting Procedure manage all aspects of your vendors to ensure they meet their contractual obligations and deliver on time.

Our Expediting Services and comprehensive collection service helps you avoid delays, ensure compliance with contract terms and specifications, and comply with applicable international regulations and standards.

Why use Expediting Services from ours?

  • Years of experience in many industries.
  • With a skilled specialists and a countrywide network of facilities.
  • Through a rigorous internal expediting and reporting procedure from our network
  • Fast response process to any corner of China, within days or even hours.

Our comprehensive Expediting Services to help you ensure that the final delivery on time. The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Project support and monitoring
  • Quality Audit
  • Production Control
  • Progress Report
  • On-site third party inspection
  • Off-site collection

World class Expediting Services include:

  • Coordination of expediting in your supply chain
  • Expediting visit
  • Inspection
  • Reporting
  • Supplier performance visit


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