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Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) services help customer around the world to protect their goods.

Pre-shipment Inspection is a service provided to exporters and importers. And this kind of inspection include products inspection to goods that have been manufactured, but have not been shipped. The inspection scope includes quality & quantity, packing & marking and supervision.

The PSI inspection certificate can provide by letter of credit and anthorized by trade association.

Pre-shipment inspection is a necessary step in obtaining import certificates for goods export to countries with import certification schemes.Without this certificate, the goods cannot pass customs in the country of destination.

Globalized marketplace offers amazing opportunities, but also presents real risks. Through modernisation precautions measures, you may minimize the risk of an international trade fraud.

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) services help customer around the world to protect their goods filled successfully before it is dispatch.

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of goods, invoices and other documentation to enable proper identification prior to shipment with regard to:


Why choose ours as your pre-shipment inspection partner?

  • Years of experience in comprehensive of goods.
  • Same day brief reports
  • An onsite inspector at any factory within days or even hours.


World class pre-shipment inspection service include:

  • Verifying the quality and quantity of imports
  • Verifying the accuracy of tariff codes classification
  • Raw material quality control
  • Loading Supervision (LS)
  • Laboratory Testing (LT)
  • Product conformity testing
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