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Witness Test Supervision in laboratory

Are you concerned about subcontracting your products to factories that are not qualified? Are you concerned about the factory’s falsification supervision and inspection certificate? Can you ensure that the products are not tested as they should be in order to save costs?If you doubt this and cannot confirm it in person, choose a world-renowned third-party inspection institution to do test witness to ensure that the supplier’s test is more reliable

Laboratory test witness refers to the continuous supervision and verification of personnel, facilities, environment, methods, samples, traceability and other factors affecting the test results in order to ensure that the internal laboratory experiments meet the requirements of the quality system.Analyze and evaluate the records in the experiment process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results.Quality supervision is an important measure to improve the quality management system. It is a process to find and solve problems.

With competencies in most major areas, including material ,electronics, mechanical, pressure, temperature, force and more, we work closely with our customers to develop or administer a third-party validation or witness test. Or we can design a validation or test witness program that meets your specific requirements.
When manufacturers with a product that cannot be shipped to our lab and must be tested on site, our representatives work with your staff to resolve any problems, failures, or issues that may arise during testing, to verify that their products or processes are valid and meet industry standards.

Testing Witness includes:

  • Performance checking at full and part loads
  • Factory Acceptable Test
  • Determining NDT Test
  • Material Mechanical properties and chemical composition
  • Calibration Services
  • Electronics Test
  • Products Compliance Verification
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