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On October 19th, Tian Shihong, deputy director of the State Administration of Markets and director of the National Standards Commission, went to the Shanghai Branch of the China Quality Certification Center for investigation. Liu Weijun, Director of the Certification and Supervision Department of the State Administration of Markets, Jia Guodong, Director of the Special Equipment Bureau, Liu Yan, Director of the International Cooperation Department, and Tao Yonghua, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, accompanied the investigation. Xu Zengde, Chairman of CCIC, and Lu Mei, Vice President and Director of China Quality Certification Center, participated in the survey.

Deputy Director Tian Shihong listened to the report on the business development of China Quality Certification Center, and highly recognized the social responsibility of the certification center for providing comprehensive quality technical services for many years and fulfilling the “passing trust and service development”.  He also pointed out that certification center should always clear “to establish a global trust, world-class quality of service,” the clear objectives, to the Administration, “five” on the basis of the development strategy, further attention to brand, promote standardization, strengthen information.

He finally stressed that the most important thing for the certification center as a “national name” institution is to do a good job in party building, further strengthen the grassroots party organizations and grassroots party organizations in overseas organizations, and play the role of party members. It is also necessary to train high-tech talents and build teams. Be a good foundation for long-term work.

During the visit, the leaders of the General Administration also visited the “National Energy Bureau New Energy Data Center” located in the Shanghai Sub-center and the strategic cooperation testing base of the Certification Center – Lingang Intelligent Network Auto Autopilot Closed Test Center.

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