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China Certification & Inspection Group Shaanxi Co.,Ltd (CCIC SHAANXI), is one of the domestic subsidiaries of CCIC Group. With the strong technical background and support of CCIC and CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine), CCIC Shaanxi will make constant efforts to expand its business scope, improve its service quality, and promote CCIC and CIQ as trustworthy brands to feed the needs of its client, with its operation experience, cutting-edge technologies and global business.

CCIC Shaanxi Co., Ltd began cooperation with Moody Group in 1993, In light of international laws, regulations and upon entrustment by the parties, provide impartial, accurate, swift, reliable and efficient professional inspection in the engineering construction. Our attainment of strong goal is to persistently provide qualified and experienced personnel local service for international clients.


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Developed over 40 years, CCIC has become a comprehensive one-stop service provider for international clients in the fields of quality, safety, health and environmental protection. CCIC enjoys great reputation worldwide and is one of the most influential and comprehensive multi-national inspection & certification organization in China.

CCIC’s clients include enterprises, organizations, governments and individuals in the sectors of petroleum, chemical product, mining, agricultural products, industrial products, consumer products, food stuff, automobile, construction, logistics, retailing as well as some other key industries. 

CCIC now owns approximately 400 offices, 300 cooperative labs, over 20,000 employees. CCIC’s business network covers major ports, cities and trade centers in over 30 countries and regions.

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Product inspections in China and Asia, will check the status and quality of your goods, during all steps of production in order to ensure that all products meet your quality standards. The quality control inspection will help you to make sure that all your requirements, specifications and criteria you have given to a factory are being taken into account and implemented properly. The product inspections are performed according to international quality control standards such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003, AQL standards, ISO 2859-1, but we also perform quality inspections as per your instructions and criteria and according to our expertise and long experience.
Ideally, booking product inspections in China and Asia at all stages of the production will ensure maximum protection. In order to save on costs, most buyers purchasing low to medium volumes will only choose to inspect at 2 or 3 steps of the production, (our most popular inspections are the During Production and the Pre Shipment Inspection). We can work with you to help you determine the best option for your company.
The Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is completed after the identification and the evaluation of your vendor / factory and right before the beginning of the actual mass production. It can be completed at the factory or at the vendor office. The aim of the Pre Production Inspection in China and Asia is to make sure your vendor understands your requirements and the specifications of your order and is prepared for its production.
The During Production Inspection will take place during production between 20% and 80% of the manufacturing process. We will inspect product according client's specifications.
Product appearance (AQL), workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling & logos, packaging, packing and other tests and special requirements that depends on the product and the export market. The During Production Inspection in China or anywhere in Asia (DPI) will also cover the raw materials, unfinished products and the planning of production.
Construction of oil and gas and other industrial plants necessitates that global procurement, engineering and construction is undertaken in several countries simultaneously. Most of the time clients need these activities to be validated for their integrity. That’s where CSN comes in and plays a major role.
CSN owned reliable, effective and cost efficiency inspection specialist team, throughout our inspector localized network around china, We can dispatch inspector timely and cost efficiency. Our inspection specialist owned many years experiences of workshop quality assurance inspection, familiar with ASTM, AWS, ASME, API specification and codes. We are committed to provide Welding Inspection, QA/QC, NDT, Vendor Surveillance & Expediting Services. We also provide TPI, auditing, Vendor Inspection Surveillance and expediting services to clients We are full service provider to quality and inspection solutions to many of the leading clients worldwide. Our extensive resources and expertise, along with our passion, makes us a trusted supporter within China.
We can verified the material by test, the main test method including Tensile, Bend, Yield, Charpy V-notch, Hardness, Positive Material identification Metallographic, Drop Weight Tear (DTT)
We have many years of inspection experience of offshore platform/ FPSO/ drill ship/ pipe line and subsea system. Our technical expertise can offer professional inspection in field of Welding /structure, NDT, Coating/Anti corrosion, Piping, E&I. We enable to offer inspection service of fabrication/ installation /Commission phase of offshore engineering. For instance, our welding technical experts are familiar with DNV, LR, ABS, GL, NK, KR and CCS Rules, also familiar with welding procedure specification, welding method, material’s weld ability, welding joint visual detection and other related welding knowledge. In the daily work, our technical experts’ main activities include communication with vendor and owner in order to solve quality problems, Materials quality inspection, Assembly quality inspection before welding, Check fit-up quality pre-welding, check dimension before/after welding and prepare inspection report, Check the welding temperature on site, Inspect weld visual quality, Monitor welder qualification and welder and welding operator performance, Supervise WPS being carried out, Verification nondestructive testing on site and Prepare inspection report.
Main content of FAT test of Oil immersed Power transformer as bellow: Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacements, Measurement of frequency response (FRA), Measurement of winding resistance, Measurement of insulation resistance of winding-earth and tanδ, Lightning impulse test, Separate-source AC withstand voltage test, Short-duration induced voltage test, Long-duration Induced Voltage Test, Measurement of no-load losses and current, Measurement of no-load current harmonic, Measurement of noise level, Corona and radio interference voltage measurement, Measurement of load losses and impedance voltage, Measurement of zero- impedance, Measurement of power absorbed by motors of fan, Temperature rise test (Provide the same type of test report, Determination of transient voltage transfer characteristics, Auxiliary wiring insulation test, Functional test, Sealing test.
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